Welcome to Coachmark

Welcome to this prestigious award which leads to recognition of the coaching culture and practices in your school. Coaching raises awareness of our patterns of thinking and behaviour and how this influences everything around us. This is transformational to our daily lives and subsequently, our future.

The award process offers a developmental and supportive guide to assist you to achieve the highest standards in coaching practice at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. It provides clear next steps and an action plan to sustain good practice and develop coaching in your setting.

The award lasts for 3 years with opportunities for reassessment within that time.

Assessment is through completion and submission of your Coachmark Portfolio of Evidence. 


Congratulations - 1st School in SW England

Congratulations – 1st School in SW England

Congratulations Rosebery

Congratulations Rosebery

Congrartulations St. John's, Redhill

Congratulations St. John’s, Redhill








‘It is not coaching that makes a difference in schools, but high quality coaching.’
Mike Hughes


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