Coachmark leads to recognition of the coaching culture, practices and standards that you are developing and achieving in your school. 

Coachmark is known for supporting schools to achieve excellence in the use of a coaching approach which impacts on teaching, learning and school improvement success.

Coachmark exists to support schools and to recognise, celebrate and develop excellent coaching practice.

Coachmark leaves people feeling inspired, focused and confident.

It has been described as the antidote to Ofsted because it:

  • Focuses on peoples’ strengths
  • Promotes independent thinking in all members of the school community
  • Recognises and values commitment to professionalism and support
  • Develops trust and openness

Through an audit, development and assessment process, the Coachmark award offers a supportive guide to assist your school to achieve the highest standards in coaching practice at Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

7  Reasons to Apply for  COACHMARK

  • It provides a robust and supportive process for developing high quality professional development for your team giving confidence to leaders, staff, parents, partner-schools, children and young people
  • It shows your commitment to high quality staff development
  • Robust criteria are applied to your organisation resulting in national recognition of excellence
  • It is underpinned by ‘The West Sussex 41 Schools Coaching Project’, which gives guidance on what makes organisational professional development successful
  • It is supported by The Institute of Educational Coaching, which seeks to promote the highest quality coaching in education settings
  • It provides external verification of your organisation’s staff development processes
  • It raises your profile, giving added value to your organisation and impacting on your reputation and ability to attract further high quality staff

Assessment is via the completion of Coachmark’s Portfolio of Evidence, followed by a Skype video meeting with an accredited Coachmark partner.

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“The process of Coachmark changed us, we are more positive and therefore more effective on a daily basis.” Mia Bennett, Head Teacher, West  Ewell Infant School and Nursery

‘We found the Coachmark process rigorous and very supportive, giving the school direction and also providing external verification and confirmation that what we are doing is focused, coherent and also a drive. It’s given us a lot of confidence.’ Chris Gillitt, Lead Teacher Coach, East Barnet


For more information email us: info at coachmark.org.uk (NB. To email us, create the usual email  format using @ in place of at. We use the form above to prevent spam).