Ravenscote Excellence

images (1)Congratulations to Ravenscote Junior School in Frimley, Surrey on renewing their Coachmark Award at the same level showing how they sustain excellence and keep progressingimage1.JPG.

During our visit we were invited to a parent and pupil workshop on coaching in the classroom. There was a tangible buzz as pupils shared their strengths and goals with their parents. Lead School Coach, Dawn Wallace shared ideas on how to use questioning and listening skills to get children talking about their learning at school.image2.JPG

Dawn told us, ‘Over time our use of pupil peer coaching and this questioning culture is continuously impacting the way that we work with the children, helping them to become more confident in their ability to problem-solve, consider options for solutions and pick those that they perceive as most beneficial for themselves and those around them. In essence – to become resilient learners.’

Ravenscote is one of only a handful of schools in the country who have achieved the Coachmark Gold Award.

Coachmark is known for supporting schools to achieve excellence in the use of a coaching approach. Contact us for further information: info@coachmark.org.uk

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