Why Coaching?

Coachmark goldWhat is it that motivates a school or an individual to explore coaching and make the decision to introduce coaching across the school? Here’s a story to inspire you!

The 1st school in the country to achieve the Coachmark award started their coaching journey immediately after an Ofsted inspection. The inspection had gone very well. So well, that someone had the audacity to say:

SAMPLED_4591560_125_125___‘Well, there’s only one way to go now isn’t there? Down!’

This prompted the Headteacher and school to look for the best ways of sustaining and further improving standards. They made coaching their focus.

West Ewell Infant School and Nursery in Surrey went on to achieve the Gold Coachmark Award and schoolBuildingPhotorecently, after holding the award for 3 years, they were reassessed and retained their Gold Award status.

What inspires and motivates you with regard to coaching?

What impact is coaching having in your school?


The Coachmark Team

Coachmark is known for supporting schools to achieve excellence in the use of a coaching approach. Contact us for further information: info@coachmark.org.uk



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