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Coaching Vision

Coaching Vision

Vision is important. The first section of the Coachmark Criteria and Portfolio of Evidence asks for a written Vision Statement for Coaching in your school – one that has been arrived at collaboratively.

A vision galvanises people into action. It creates a point of focus and direction. It inspires and injects enthusiasm.




Not always, as I’m sure you’ve experienced! A vision can be perceived as too demanding, too big, too distant and therefore not motivating. If arrived at collaboratively, a vision has a stronger chance of success because of the intellectual investment offered by participants and the value placed on each opinion.


What conversations and ideas are you sharing in school discussions that build a shared vision?

What understanding, skills or experience do people seek in order to be fully part of this conversation?

What is the timescale for your vision? What would the ideal be? Too close and it can seem a pressure, too far and it can lack energy and motivation.

What will be the milestones along the way? How will you share and celebrate these? What differences do you envisage as you move forward? What might the obstacles be and how would you choose to navigate and overcome them?

As you look into the future to a point where the vision has become a reality, what will you actually be seeing with regard to coaching? What will you be hearing? What will you be feeling?

We’d love to hear about your school vision for coaching and the steps, small and large, that are in place to turn this into a reality.


The Coachmark Team

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