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Here’s what a group of Year 2 children and their teachers shared with us about their experience of using a coaching approach:

Naomi told us she had learnt, ‘…that I’m definitely more kind than I was and I’m happier!’

Naomi had been very low in confidence and held her head and eyes downwards when with peers. She felt subject to criticism from one particular boy, who said he was ‘only teasing’. Interesting! How often have you come across that response?

Slowly, Naomi became more sure of herself and assertive through the simple coaching tools used – including starting to notice and collect compliments. She started to smile again and became more aware of her strengths. The boy became more aware of the negative impact of his teasing and stopped. Naturally, in the way that happens with young children, they now talk of getting married and pay each other plentiful compliments!

Another boy had a problem with anger linked to low self-esteem. Visualization, using his ideas, was used to assist in dissipating the anger. At the height of his anger he felt as if he was burning like a fierce fire. He visualized blowing the fire out and then kept a self-drawn laminated picture of a fire in his pocket as a reminder that he was in control. He said, ‘It makes me stop being angry at home and in class.’ His parents were so impressed with the change they wrote to the school.

Teachers told us there was a clear growth in confidence in pupils and it fostered a sense of belonging and positive communication. Verbal feedback from children, teachers and parents was very positive.

Let us know your experiences with using coaching techniques and tools with pupils! We’d love to hear. If you have any questions, get in touch!

The Coachmark Team

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