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Part of the Coachmark application process is to complete the Coachmark ‘Criteria and portfolio of Evidence’. This document has been designed to support you in evaluating, celebrating and developing your school’s coaching practice and will assist you in achieving the highest standards in coaching at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

A highly effective method of evidence collection is to gather views from colleagues via a survey. Even better if the survey can be completed anonymously. In this way colleagues will give their honest opinions and you will have a snapshot of how well this approach is working.

We’d like to share a free tool that you can use for this purpose:

It’s a FREE and easy-to-use, online survey tool. You can create your own simple survey and then invite participants to log on and complete it. Surveys are VERY easy to create.

It works well to conduct a survey at the beginning of a stage in your coaching journey and do the same again further down the line. This gives a real insight into the changes that result and the impact of coaching on individuals, teams and the whole school.

We’d love to hear how this works for you.

The Coachmark Team

Coachmark supports schools in achieving excellence and recognition through the use of their coaching practices. Contact us for further information: