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The coaching vision and mission at Boxgrove Primary School in Surrey ensures that every member of staff has access to developmental conversations – and staff speak highly of the effectiveness and motivation of this process. Ultimately of course, coaching is intrinsically linked to outcomes for children and there is an established way of thinking at Boxgrove that these outcomes are improved if the staff team is positive, skilled and empowered to make a difference.

Year 6 children apply by letter and interview for roles and responsibilities within the school and one of these is as Learning Champion to support younger children in the school to improve their learning. All Learning Champions receive high quality internal training on ‘The Power of Coaching’ and regular support for their role which , when we met during our visit, they spoke of with great understanding and pride in their achievements with comments like: ”It’s about them not you.’

Congratulations to all at Boxgrove for achieving the Coachmark Award and for the many ways in which a coaching approach is threaded through the fabric of your school!


The Coachmark Team

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