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This research offers powerful evidence for the use of a coaching approach to develop learning and teaching and have a massive impact on school improvement.

Jim Knight, Researcher at the University of Kansas Centre for Research on Learning conducted a 5 year study on staff development looking at the impact various approaches had on the implementation of new teaching strategies.

The research found that when teachers are given only a description of new instructional skills, e.g. they attend a workshop, 10% went on to use the new skill in the classroom. When modelling, further practice and feedback were added to the training, implementation increased by 2% to 3% each time. When coaching was added to the staff development, approximately 95% of the teachers implemented the new skills in their classrooms.

In a nutshell, the rate of transfer into classroom practice following peer coaching alongside other forms of professional development was as follows:

Workshop only 10%
Workshop & modelling 12 – 13%
Workshop, modelling & practice 14 – 16%
Workshop, modelling, practice & feedback 16 – 19%
Workshop, modelling, practice, feedback & peer coaching 95%


Let us know your thoughts and experience with this. Does the research ring a bell with you? Does it support your vision for your school?



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