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Southfield Park Primary School has high expectations of success where every child can SHINE not just in their academic life but in their personal and social development as well. Their mission statement promises that if children are SUCCESSFUL in their learning, are HAPPY, are INSPIRED and are NURTURED they will EXCEL.

The coaching approach is woven into the fabric of the school and is integral to the SHINE mission statement. We met the head teacher, Kate Gee and the Coach Lead in school, Sally Smith alongside other members of staff and the Year 6 Coaching Crew! Such enthusiasm and commitment for the coaching approach shone through in all the conversations we had. Congratulations Southfield Park Primary School on achieving the GOLD Coachmark!

Southfield Park Primary is one of a growing number of schools in the country who have achieved the Coachmark GOLD Award.

The Coachmark Team

Coachmark supports schools in achieving excellence and recognition through the use of their coaching practices. Contact us for further information: